Skip Pullig is a native Texan singer songwriter born in Snyder, Texas. Raised in Fort Worth. At an early age he was exposed to the instruments of his Fathers Band that opened for Elvis in 1954 in Sweetwater Texas. Growing up, Skip learned to play the Banjo, Piano and Baritone Ukulele. Skip has crafted his own style of writing, in a very humble, honest, and down-to-earth way.

We will be sending Skip out, on radio tour, to meet you all. If you have any specialty shows, or want to schedule an in-studio visit, please let me know, and we'll try to accommodate your request.



Fireflies & Mason Jars is a look back at what life was like being a kid before there was an internet. The simple pleasures of playing outside and it reminds us to pass it down to our kids today.

I couldn’t make my songs come to life without the help of some amazingly talented musicians that I’m very blessed to work with! Thank you brothers love y’all very much!! Cody Mosier on electric guitar & backup vocals.

Richard Ty Kennedy on Bass guitar. Waylon Gary on drums. Terry Bayless on piano. Bart Rose engineered and produced the song.

I originally named the song As time goes by. I wrote it for Paw Paw Archie Pullig in 1988 after he passed away. In 2019 I was going to the Crowman Mike Crow Jam at Del Norte Tacos in Godley and re wrote the second verse so thank you Crowman for your inspiration by supporting so many of us musician/songwriters to dig a little deeper. Hope y’all like this one and thank you for requesting it at your favorite country radio station!

#skippullig #heartoftexasmusicgroup

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